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Saddle Fitting: for the horse, for the rider.

As the winter skies begin to gather overhead, many of us are looking forward to honing our skills over the winter in readiness for spring show season, some are making final preparations for Florida, and others are waiting in hopes for some great winter hacking.

Whichever category you find yourself in, each change of season serves as a reminder to check over your tack for its safety and comfort for the sake of your horse and yourself.

MacLean Equestrian Company offers saddle fitting, sales, and repairs with the motto, "for the horse, for the rider": when both members of the team are comfortable and safe, both will have greater potential to perform.

For tips on how to see whether your saddle is fitting you and your horse as it should, and some safety considerations to watch for, check out our pages "Saddle Fitting", "Sales", and "FAQs". If you have questions, contact us; we're looking forward to meeting you.

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