Current schedule of fees

Call fee: A call fee enables MacLean Equestrian Company to visit you at your farm. This fee is applied whenever a barn visit is necessary, whether for a regular fitting appointment, or picking up and dropping off saddles or repairs.  Call fees vary according to location (see below) and are in addition to other work provided. Please note that call fees may be arranged for groups - contact us!

Please refer to the map and the following corresponding call fee rates for an estimate of the call fees to your area.

Area A: $50

Area B: $75

Area C: $100

Area D: please contact us for a quote.

A deposit of the call fee may be required to confirm your appointment

A 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect.

Saddle Fitting: for the horse, for the rider.

Saddle Fitting

Tree adjustment: $200


Wool panel regular reflocking: $200


Tree adjustment plus reflocking: $250


Wool panel complete reflocking/complete replacement of existing flocking: $500

The full reflock service includes the initial complete replacement of all flocking and the necessary follow up call in 3 - 6 months.


Call fees are additional per visit.


Saddle Fit Assessment/Consultation for new saddles: $100

This service is conveniently offered at your farm. For more information, see the ‘Sales and related FAQs' page.



Billet replacement: $40


Shop rate: $80/hour


*Please enquire about any additional work.

*If additional, unexpected work is found while evaluating your saddle, a quote will be given prior to proceeding.