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Achieving your horse’s best is accomplished by employing a committed team of professionals that includes a dedicated saddle fitter.

Saddle Fitting

Tree adjustment: $200

Wool panel regular reflocking: $200

Tree adjustment and reflocking: $250

Wool panel complete reflocking/complete replacement of existing flocking: $500

The full reflock service includes the initial complete replacement of all flocking and the necessary follow up call in 3 - 6 months. 

Call fees are additional per visit.

Saddle Fitting: for horse and rider.
Saddle Fitting: for horse and rider.
Saddle Fitting: for horse and rider.
Saddle Fitting: for horse and rider.

Why use a saddle fitter?

As riders, we bear the responsibility to keep our horses sound and happy in their work.  A saddle that is well-fitted to you and your horse offers comfort, freedom, and stability by evenly balancing the rider’s weight over the horse’s back. It will support and encourage a proper riding position and clear communication.

A poorly fitting saddle can negatively affect performance and behaviour, as well as cause serious injury to the horse’s back and shoulders.  It can also negatively impact the rider’s position and cause discomfort to their bodies as well. 

The physiology of both equine and human athletes interacting with any saddle changes over time.  These changes occur due to a myriad of factors that range from maturity, fitness levels, injuries, to illnesses.  To maintain the health of both partners, it is important to have MacLean Equestrian Company evaluate your saddle on at least an annual basis. 

Key points to consider for the equine athlete:

Freedom of movement




Tree flows parallel to the horse

Tree points remain clear of the shoulder blade

Saddle clears the withers and spine

Clearance is visible through the length of the saddle gullet

Panels provide cushion and are not hard or lumpy

Panel contact is as even as possible along the saddle’s entire length

Billets fall to the horse’s natural girth


Observe your horse’s usual behaviour during tacking up and riding, making note of changes.

Key points to consider for the rider:

Freedom of movement



Correct body position

Correct leg position


Suitability to horse and rider

Achieve your best with your horse: contact MacLean Equestrian Company to book an appointment at your farm.

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